About Us

We are a management consulting firm, striving to elevate the impact of HR and CSR practices in healthcare through strategic consulting, cross-collaboration, and our online client community hub.

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We leverage data-driven insights to deliver strategic solutions that enhance people engagement, center your organization’s values to shape culture, optimize talent strategies, and drive community and social impact.
We also facilitate cross-collaboration within organizations and with external partners such as nonprofits, government agencies, and higher education institutions to drive mutually beneficial mutually beneficial HR, CSR, DE&I and health equity outcomes and social impact engagements in healthcare.
Additionally, our exclusive online community platform keeps everyone connected for knowledge sharing, event promotion, sponsorship requests, resource sharing, and facilitating partnerships.
What sets us apart is our ability to seamlessly integrate data-driven insights with personalized consulting services, ensuring tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.
We are deeply committed to strategically advancing people, culture, talent, and social impact and community engagement initiatives.

Why choose Elevate Impact?

We are innovators motivated by purpose and powered by our:

member icon Data-Driven Insights: Our ability to transform complex data into actionable strategies ensures that we are not just creating solutions, but are paving the way for sustainable growth and measurable impact in every project we undertake.
member icon Collaborative Ecosystem: We thrive in building and nurturing relationships across various sectors, enabling us to foster a culture of innovation and co-creation that amplifies the success of our clients and stakeholders.
member icon Adaptive Leadership: With a team skilled in navigating the complexities of today’s dynamic business environment, we lead by example, adapting to change, and inspiring others to achieve their full potential in driving positive social and organizational change.

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Frequently Asked Questions: General

We define cross-sector collaboration as the thoughtful and intentional effort to integrate the corporate, nonprofit, and higher ed sector in the planning, design, and implementation stage of an initiative, to elevate the impact of that initiative. Our model includes working with a diverse representation of schools, including Tribal Colleges & Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and Historically Black colleges & Universities, in addition to all colleges & universities.

We work with organizations that are registered as a business, has nonprofit status, or is a foundation. Colleges and universities must be accredited and recognized by a reputable governing body.

Our collaboration model that integrates industry experts from various sectors, including higher ed, big brands, and nonprofit & community organizations to maximize impact. We also have a propriety online professional networking community that our clients can access. Additionally, our founder has served in a leadership role in all these sectors driving impact initiatives forward, including for global entities like Major League Baseball (MLB), Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Northeastern University, MIT, and several others. He has facilitated partnerships with the National Coalitions Against Domestic Violence, Amazon, UPS, and many others.

No. Our objective is to create a community of leaders driving employee, talent, and community engagement initiatives forward. Members can collaborate with each other and connect as they see fit through our online platform. This includes the ability to post project needs, request services, and directly communicate through the Elevate Impact system. Whether you have an awareness campaign, job post, research/resource need, event, etc. that you want to post and share with the community, you can do that and we don't have to be involved. We also work with Colleges & Universities. To leverage our online community, members must be a registered company or has formal nonprofit status, and schools must be accredited by a recognized & reputable body. All members must register using a company and school email address to leverage our online platform.
If you are not a client that is using our consulting services, and want to leverage our online community beyond the 30 day free trial, contact us at [email protected] for more information.

No. Elevate Impact is a registered incorporated company powered by purpose. Our mission is to facilitate cross-sector collaboration to help organizations drive forward their employee, talent, and community engagement initiatives.

No. The "poster", e.g., the organization or school, owns any and all content that is posted on Elevate Impact. We simply serve as a conduit to promote and amplify visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions by Project Sponsors
Clients inform the process every step of the way. We first start with a discovery meeting. That meeting helps us better understand the full scope of the need so that we can allocate resources accordingly. Throughout the engagement, we serve as a strategic advisor, project manager, and will drive the execution of the engagement.
There is no limit. any member of the organization can access the online platform.
Yes. Organizations can post jobs, volunteer needs, or other opportunities (market research needs, e.g. surveys) on the "Bulletin Board" feature on Elevate Impact.
Frequently Asked Questions by Schools
We recommend any and all of the following: Someone in a student career services role, community/external partnership role, or a DE&I role within the institution