Elevate Impact Services

Providing consulting through specialized expertise, collaboration that enhances strategies, and a dynamic online platform for resource optimization to elevate impact.


  • Let our consultants expertly guide, support, and deliver solutions to create accountability to help your organization exceed your people, culture, talent, and community engagement priorities.
  • Leverage the resources of our higher ed partners, including faculty subject-matter experts, research, professional development programs, and early career talent.
  • Easily access vetted purpose-driven community organizations that align with your company's social impact objectives.
  • Allow our thoughtful approach of arts integration to elevate the impact of your social impact awareness campaigns.
  • Access networking events to mingle with industry peers, nonprofits, and higher ed institutions.

nonprofit organizations

  • Standout from the crowd as a vetted member of our network to support and engage with corporate partners on their social impact needs.
  • Leverage the Elevate Impact community to receive in-kind support, e.g. sponsorship, board service, volunteer needs, etc.
  • Partner with higher ed institutions, including faculty subject-matter experts, research, professional development programs, and early career talent.
  • Leverage our online platform to expand your reach, amplify your message, and increase your visibility to a wide audience, and engage in peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.
  • Access networking events to mingle with peers, mission driven corporate organizations, and higher ed institutions.


  • Take advantage of opportunities to drive innovation and research for top industry brands and mission driven nonprofits.
  • By engaging in cross-sector collaboration, gain access to additional resources and funding opportunities for innovative programs.
  • Enhance experiential learning offerings for your students and expose them to global brands and mission driven industries
  • Amplify the reputation and visibility of your institution by leveraging faculty research and data to address complex challenges in measuring impact.
  • Access networking events to mingle with peers, businesses, and organizations in the communities you operate in.

first icon Consulting

Our comprehensive consulting services empower organizations to leverage internal capacity to create and maintain sustainable practices.

Areas of Expertise

equity inclusion
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) and ERGs
Leverage our expertise to drive your DE&I initiatives and employee resource group (ERG) development and upskilling to meet your organizational goals in creating equitable access and practices for all your people.
health wellness
Health Equity
& DE&I in Clinical Trials
Our expert team, including clinicians, is ready to collaborate with you to design strategies and facilitate workshops on health equity initiatives, including DE&I in clinical trials.
& Development
We partner with you every step of the way to create roadmaps for your learning and development goals, integrating solutions with our college and university partners.
workforce development
Talent Acquisition
& Development
Leverage our diverse representation of member colleges & universities, including Minority Serving Institutions to identify, attract, and acquire skilled early career talent to meet your organization's hiring needs and strategic goals.


main icon
  • Curriculum and Learning Design
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Train-the-Trainer Services to Build Internal Capacity
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Data & People Analytics
  • Internal & External Communication Toolkits
  • A Robust Speaker Network

Collaboration Model & Workshop Seriessecond icon

Explore the transformative power of collaboration. At Elevate Impact, we excel in bridging the diverse realms of university thought leaders, mission-driven nonprofits, and corporate organizations to drive mutually beneficial outcomes, while enhancing and amplifying the success of your organizational initiatives.

main icon

1 Internal Collaboration:

This starts with internal outreach and communication. We conduct targeted sessions to identify and address specific silos within your organization, promoting open communication and idea exchange.

Our expert consultants guide teams in developing strategies for ongoing collaboration, ensuring that diverse functions work together to engage in innovative problem solving in support of key people, culture, talent, and social impact priorities.

main icon

2 External Collaboration:

To engage with the right external partner, we first understand your organization's specific goals in people, culture, and talent development. We then identify and connect you with relevant community organizations and higher education institutions, including minority-serving institutions, that have resources aligning with these goals.

Our role includes facilitating partnerships, coordinating joint projects, and ensuring a seamless integration of external insights and expertise into your organizational framework. This strategic approach ensures that the collaboration is targeted, effective, and directly contributes to your organizational objectives.

main icon

3 Workshop Cohort Series:

Participate in our impactful strategy workshops, where you'll collaborate with a dynamic mix of professionals ranging from corporate HR leaders to experts from nonprofits and academia. Explore innovative strategies, enriching your initiatives in people, culture, and talent acquisition and development.

Together, we'll venture into new horizons for organizational growth and success.

second iconCommunity Hub: Our Online Platform

Elevate Impact's web application tools provide a dynamic platform for members to
connect, collaborate, and amplify their impact.

1 Bulletin Board

Post or explore engagement opportunities, including:

main icon
  • Member-hosted events
  • Partnership requests
  • Research needs
  • Speaker needs
  • Sponsorship requests
  • Targeted job opportunities in support of creating a diverse workforce
  • Resources, including research and data from our member schools

2 Projects Page

Solicit support and connect with the Elevate Impact community for them to:

main icon
  • Inform, design, and launch campaigns
  • Working with our creative art school partners to create
    communication toolkits

3 Showroom

Get featured and highlighted in our showroom and gain:

main icon
  • Visibility for your social program efforts
  • Amplify the visibility of projects completed on Elevate Impact


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