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Frequently Asked Questions: General

No. Elevate Impact is a registered company under the Artplus Group LLC with a social mission. Our mission is to facilitate collaboration between academia and industry to foster the creation of social impact projects.

Schools must be accredited and organizations must either be a registered company, nonprofit organization, or foundation, e.g. LLC, 501(c) (3), S Corp, etc.

We have standard rates which are charged on an annual basis, but pricing may range depending on the member type. For example, schools are charged a fee based on whether the school is a private or state/community institution. Organizations in the public sector are charged a reduced membership fee compared to those in the private sector.
Contact us at to learn more about our rates.

A social impact project helps a company in meeting a social impact objective. Examples of social impact projects within a company may include projects that help meet Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion efforts, or Corporate Social Responsibility objectives, e.g. sustainability projects.

Social awareness campaigns typically have a goal of bringing attention to or addressing a social justice issue or cause. Some examples of social awareness campaigns include public awareness campaigns (print or digital ads, public service announcement, videos, etc.), cause marketing, or other community engagement messaging on social issues.

Frequently Asked Questions by Project Sponsors
Yes, all projects are welcome as long as it aligns with our Terms of Use. However, the main objective of ElevateImpact is to facilitate the creation of projects with a social impact objective.
Files are exchanged through the ElevateImpact platform. Members will be notified via an in-app notification system, and via email of any activity regarding their account, project post, etc.
Project sponsors indicate whether they are accepting project proposals or completed projects. As long as the project sponsor explicitly outline their intentions to do so in the project description, that is acceptable.
Project sponsors can submit as many project briefs as they want.
Schools can provide up to five proposals and or submitted projects for consideration for each individual project request by a sponsor.
An organization is not required to accept or utilize any project. Additionally, as project sponsors, organizations can receive multiple submissions from multiple schools. With that said, project sponsors will have several submissions for their consideration. We are hopeful that a project sponsor will successfully find a project or proposal that meets their requirements. However, should a project sponsor find that their organization is not satisfied with the deliverables offered by the ElevateImpact community, membership can be canceled at any time.
Yes. Organizations can post jobs, volunteer needs, or other opportunities (market research needs, e.g. surveys) on the "Bulletin Board" feature on ElevateImpact.
Frequently Asked Questions by Schools
Each school can submit up to five proposals or completed projects to a project sponsor for consideration.
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